A woman carried off by a tigress: Because females are so much tastier than males

Unik Asik_Buku biologi book Sea and Land yang ditulis J.W. Buel's 1889 yang mengerikan menguraikan berbagai cara hewan untuk membunuh kita. Penulis memberikan ilustrasi flora bumi dan fauna kuno yang menyenangkan. Banyak gambar yang secara rinci dengan segudang cara lucu saat kerajaan binatang memakan manusia, Berikut adalah beberapa pilihan gambar dari buku yang menggambarkan malapetaka dan kesuraman jaman dahulu. 

A woman carried off by a crocodile: Lucky for her there are some men with spears nearby to help out
A hunter mangled by a polar-bear: Lucky for him, since polar bear livers contain dangerous concentrations of vitamin A
Boy bitten in twain by a shark: As his terrified friends panic and wave their arms around wildly from a nearby jetty
Courageous attack on a shark: That's the way to deal with the flesh-eating fish
Cutting up a whale: The violence isn't all one-sided
A terrible fight with a saw-fish: Those pesky saw-fishes, disrupting maritime joyrides since time immemorial
Capt Paul Boynton attacked by a dog-fish: Well, if you will go kayaking without a kayak...
Catching a sleeping turtle in the Mozambique: Got to be quiet around those things
Battle with the octopus: Quick! Get the hatchet!
Crab lifting a goat: Although it looks rather more like some kind of evil tree-climbing ant-goat hybrid
An orang outan abducting a woman: Has he escaped from the set of Big Foot And The Hendersons?
A chimpanzee capturing a woman: You're my wife now!
A great hunter in a perilous position: That rifle's not going to help you now

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